HVOF Coatings For Gate Valve Parts

Product Name:
HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings For Valve gate and seats

HVOF Coating Solutions for Gate Valve

With our modern facilities and immense expertise of our professionals, we are offering highly reliable HVOF Coatings for Gate Valve(Gate and seats).The services provided by us are widely appreciated by the customers for their quality and cost-effectiveness.

Tungsten Carbide coatings deposited by High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) processes, produce very dense near zero porosity, and wear resistant surfaces.  These characteristics make TC coatings an ideal surface for high pressure slab gate valves to increase the strength and reliability for future savings in repair costs

Product Specification:

-Temperature: 450C-1400C
-The thickness is 0.45MM
-Tensile bond strength≥ 10000PSI
– Hardness is≥ HV1200

Product Features:

Nowadays, every excellent manufacturer who is in the lines of API products, their Valves gate and seats must select supersonic spray, spraying tungsten carbide materials in the sealing surface. This processing method could make product quality is significantly higher than the spray welding ni60, ni50.Herewith, the hand plasma spray welding has been gradually withdrawing from the market.

Valves plate and seat  Tunsten carbide Coated prcoessing procedure

Valves plate and seat Tunsten carbide Coated prcoessing procedure