Hydraulic gate valves

Product Name:

Hydraulic Gate Valve

Product Specification:

End Connection: Flange、Thread、Union、BW
Size:1 13/16”- 7 1/16”
Temperature:K. L .P. R .S. T. U. V
Material:AA. BB. CC. DD. EE. FF
Pressure:2000-20000 PSI
Application:Oil, Chemical industry, etc.

Product Feature:

-Hydraulic actuator installed on the top of the bonnet which controls the open and close of the valve by hydraulic pressure
-Metal seal between the body and bonnet
-Backseat seal between the stem and the bonnet ,easy for the change of sealing stuff under pressure
-Sealing surface is hard-faced or the QBQ with the performance of anti-corrosion,wear-resistance.
-Low operating torque

Hydraulic gate valve

Hydraulic gate valve