Choke needle

Product Name:  Choke Needle (Choke Trim Needle,Choke Stem)

H2 Type Choke Valve needle/ Tungsten Carbide Choke Stem

Product Specification:  

– Material:cemented carbide needle valve , alloy needle valve,Valve cusp is made from alloy,valve stem made from stainless

-Medium:oil, gas ,water and sand

-Customize available

Product Features:

-We take use of new craft  which assures the steady connection of valve cusp and valve stem without  sliding and swing

-The choke valve needle remained  intact under our stretching test 65-70 style with trial pressure 70MPa,

-as its excellent performance, in practice appliction, can be used as stop valve

-custom made is welcomed

needle valve parts-Valve needle

Choke valve parts-Choke needle